NSCS Grayfox (TWR-825)
Port Huron, MI

2020Feb: Shipmasters training.  Sea Cadet inspections.  Shipmasters Port Huron training. NSCC FC Sherman annual meeting and awards.

2020Jan: Shipmasters conference Port Huron.  Shipmaster Port Huron training.

2019Dec31: Holiday decorations and festivities, American Legion.  Holiday parties.

2019Nov30: Navy League Conference - DC and Congress visit.  Veterans Day parade.

2019Oct31: Navy Ball.  USS Detroit LCS-7 crew visit.  Sailboat training Lake Huron.  Halloween decorations.

2019Sep30: Navy Reserve Chiefs leadership. St. Clair steamship whistle.  Reserve Officer conference in Des Moines.  Man overboard.

2019Aug31: Port Huron float down.  Huron Lady cruise.  Boats for Vets.  Vietnam moving wall in Livonia.  Onboard potable water.

2019Jul31: Port Huron to Mackinac race, Bluewater Fest.  USCG Auxiliary.  Shipboard training.  Air mattress.

2019Jun30: Navy League Conference, Norfolk.  Port Huron Tourist in Your Own Town.  Sea Cadet Region conference.

2019May31: Acquired and cruised the 38ft Cruiser from Grosse Pointe to Port Huron.  USCG training in Port Huron.  NSCC FC Sherman - Memorial Day parade.

2019Apr30: Navy League Sunday. Episcopal Church Maritime service.  USCGC Bramble leaves Port Huron.  Navy League Great Lakes conference Chicago.

2019Mar: Mariners Church Blessing of the Fleet, Port Huron Maritime Center Blessing of the Fleet, Shipmasters Port Huron training.

2019Feb: Shipmasters Convention Traverse City, Shipmaster Port Huron.  NSCC FC Sherman inspection.  Shipmasters Port Huron training.

2019Jan: Shipyard quote, Great Lakes towing, Shipmasters Milwaukee, Shipmaster Port Huron.

2018Dec31: Holiday decorations and festivities, American Legion.  Holiday parties.

2018Nov30: Navy League Conference - Alexandria, VA.  Veterans Day.

2018Oct31: Navy Ball.  USS Detroit crew visit.  Sailboat training Lake Huron.  Halloween decorations.

2018Sep30: MARS AFS-1 ship visit, Navy Reserve Chiefs congratulations.  Move sailboat from Grosse Pointe to Port Huron.  St. Clair steamship whistle.

2018Aug31: Port Huron float down.  Huron Lady cruise.  Acquire sailboat.  Boats for Vets.

2018Jul31: Port Huron to Mackinac race, Bluewater Fest.  HMCS Hunter Change of Command.

2018Jun30: Visit Cleveland shipyard.  Navy League Conference, Portland.  Tourist in Your Own Town.  USCGC Bramble underway.  Detroit Port Authority workshop.  University of Michigan NROTC Change of Command.  Windsor tug boat races.

2018May31: Clean ship.  US Coast Guard visit.  Big ship navigation.  Engineering drawing review.  Memorial Day CGC Bramble.

2018Apr30: Energized ship systems.  Navy League Sunday.  USCG notification to press for shipyard.  Commanders Club visit.  Ice Museum.  Port Huron Blessing of the Fleet.

2018Mar31: De-winterize the ship, sweepers.  Mariners Church Blessing of the Fleet. Energize ship systems.  ISMA dinner dance.  VFW, American Legion.

2018Feb28: Winter preparations and training.  Toledo - Maritime Center, TEMAC, ISMA Convention.  Owen Sound visit.  Start engines and generators.  Mayport-USS Detroit visit.

2018Jan31: Winter preparations and training.  ISMA meetings.

2017Dec31: Prepared the ship for the Holidays and winter.

2017Nov30: Veterans Day.  Cleaned and dressed the ship for holidays.

2017Oct31: General ship maintenance.  Prepare for cold weather.

2017Sep30: Navy Reserve new Chief Petty Officer orientation.

2017Aug31: Maritime Center market every Saturday.  General Ship maintenance, paint hull.

2017Jul31: Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  Paint ship hull and paint Galley entrance.

2017Jun30: Cleaned and dressed the ship for Tourist in Your Own Town and Art on the River in Port Huron.

2017May31: Energized all ship propulsion systems (engines and generators), water and septic, and HVAC.  Naval Reserve ship visit.

2017Apr30: Ready the ship for the training and maintenance season.  Navy League Sunday at Mariners Church.

2017Mar31: Blessing of the Fleet at Mariners Church.  Updated Naval Sea Cadet Corps records in Magellan.

2017Feb28: Begin preparations and planning for 2017 season.  International shipmaster conference in Alpena, MI.  Commence USCG engineering review.  Ohio Naval Militia visit.

2017Jan31: Energized all ship propulsion systems (engines and generators).  Close 2016 records.

2016Oct03: Energized all ship propulsion systems (engines and generators) and prepared to winterize ship.

2016Sep30: Replaced fresh water filter systems and performed full functionality tests of ship water systems.  Performed Navy Reserve leadership training and Future Sailor orientation.

2016Aug30: Performed general maintenance of the ship and worked on Repair Log items..

2016Jul30: Several projects are underway as we clean and upgrade Grayfox accommodations.

2016Jun30: The Grayfox had an open house for Tourist in Your Own Town on June 4 and Art in the City on June 10-12.

2016May30: The Grayfox continued clean up and preparations for the summer program.

2016Apr30: Temporary repairs were completed to the potable water systems and 4,800 gallons of fresh water were on-boarded.  De-winterization was completed.

2016Mar31: We energized all ship systems and experienced some ruptures in the fresh water potable water filter systems.

2016Feb28: We having been boarding the Grayfox every week to ensure all is well.  USCG National Vessel Documentation Center issued a Certificate of Documentation, a 2 year process.  The vessel was also registered with the State of Michigan.

2016Jan31: Winter months allows for planning for 2016 and the closing of the books for 2015, reflecting a growth year.

2015Dec31: The winter has been very moderate this year allowing for ship work to continue.  U.S. Coast Guard certification continues to move forward.

2015Nov30: We are moving into the holidays and the ship is looking much better this year, especially with the mast lights, creating a holiday feeling.

2015Oct31: Winterization has commenced with securing all unnecessary topside items and preparations for freezing temperatures.

2015Sep30: Exterior painting continued along with several internal repairs.

2015Aug30: The Grayfox has been undergoing a beautification process.  We also hosted a great reception for the Powerboat races.

2015Jul31: Testing the Grayfox ability to respond, the team mobilized to support the new Anchor Academy and moved the warehouse of uniforms to create a new uniform Depot in Mt Clemens.  We also moved Grayfox parts to temporary storage as we prepare for a working warehouse for expansion.

2015Jun30: June was a great month for further testing ship systems.  Also, the summer is a very busy season for events.  The Grayfox supported Port Huron Tourist in Your Own Town, Art in the City, and the Chamber of Commerce Business After 5.

2015May30: The transition to spring is here and so is the clean-up.  Our focus will be on making the ship more comfortable and pretty.  We hope you will want to join us and take an active role with the Grayfox crew.

2015Apr26: We have been transitioning to warm weather and spring cleaning.  Caterpillar assisted in updating our maintenance records and testing engines and generators.  We completed Sea Trials and found the ship operating well.  We made numerous fixes to items we want to work better.

2015Mar20: We have some recent good news and some good news.  On Mar 12, the Dolphin leaning on the Grayfox slipped into the River.  We are working on removing it.  On Mar 18, we (and CAT) tested the generator and engines and all tests were good.  We are also finalizing our summer plans.

2015Mar11: This winter has been an interesting one.  The cold has required a lot of attention on the Grayfox.  Most recently, the ice caused a dolphin (pier piling) on the starboard side of the ship to become unstable and it is leaning on the ship.  There does not appear to be any damage to the ship and arrangements are being made to remove the dolphin.  We completed many administrative and inside projects.  Soon we will shift our focus to outside and pier projects.

2015Jan23: Some of the events we are looking forward to this summer include; Navy League Sunday, Tourist in Your Own Town / Art In The City, Port Huron to Mackinac Race, Power Boat Races, USS Milwaukee LCS 5, USCG towing exercise, Canadian Sea Cadets, Diving expedition, STEM training.

2014Dec16: What a year on the Grayfox.  We set out with a lot of goals and objectives.  Looking back, we did well.  We are crafting the plans for 2015.  Join us.  We readied the ship for winter by testing all of the heaters, loading fuel, and draining water pipes.  Gear adrift has been properly stowed.  A little cold will not stop the work as we shift our efforts to cold weather projects, where it is warm.  You will see us this winter.  The 2015 calendar is starting to fill and it is looking much better.


Farmers Market at the Maritime Center is each Saturday morning in the summer

Shipmasters Port Huron Lodge 2 -- Every Thursday January -- March

Veterans Task Force, City of Detroit -- 2nd Tuesday each month

2020Jan 30-31 Shipmasters (ISMA) Conference, Port Huron, MI

2020Feb 1 NSCC FC Sherman Annual Meeting

2020Mar 8 Blessing of the Fleet, Mariners Church

2020Apr 26 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

2020May 25 Memorial Day

2020May 30 Tourist in Your Own Town

2020May 30 Sturgeon Festival

2020Jun 5-6 Selfridge Air Show

2020Jun 7-9 Art on the River

2020Jul 11 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

2020Aug 4 US Coast Guard Birthday, Grand Haven

2020Aug 15 Boats For Vets

2020Aug 16 Port Huron Float Down

2020Sep 14-15Navy Reserve Chiefs

2020Oct 16 Navy Ball

2020Nov 8 Lakes Memorial Service, Mariners Church

2020Nov 11 Veterans Day Parade

2020Dec 12 Army Navy Game


2019Feb 8-9 Shipmasters (ISMA) Conference, Traverse City, MI

2019Mar 2 ISMA Port Huron Lodge Dinner Dance

2019Mar 10 Blessing of the Fleet, Mariners Church

2019Mar 30 Blessing of the Fleet, Maritime Center

2019Apr 27 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

2019May 30 Memorial Day

2019Jun 1 Tourist in Your Own Town

2019Jun 1 Sturgeon Festival

2019Jun 7-9 Art on the River

2019Jul 20 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

2019Aug 4 US Coast Guard Birthday, Grand Haven

2019Aug 17 Boats For Vets

2019Sep Navy Reserve Chiefs, Labor Day

2019Sep St Clair River Float Down

2019Oct Navy Ball

2019Nov 11 Veterans Day

2019Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day

2019Dec 7 Army Navy Game, Pearl Harbor Day

2018Feb 1-4 Shipmasters (ISMA) Conference, Toledo, OH

2018Mar 11 Blessing of the Fleet, Mariners Church

2018Apr 7 Blessing of the Fleet, Bluewater Maritime Center

2018Apr22 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

2018Apr 22 Blessing of the Fleet, Port Huron

2018May 5 Battle of the Atlantic, Windsor

2018May 25 Memorial Day celebration CGC Bramble

2018Jun 2 Tourist in Your Own Town Port Huron

2018Jun 19-10 Art on the River

2018Jun 16 CGC Bramble underway Port Huron

2018Jul 14 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

2018Jul 28 HMCS Oriole - Windsor

2018Aug 18 Boats for Vets

2018Aug 19 St Clair River Float Down

2018Aug 19 ADM FC Sherman Memorial Service

2018Sep 10 Navy Reserve Chiefs, St Clair steamship whistle

2018Sep 18 NSCC Orange Crush sailboat cruise

2018Sep 15 HMCS Hunter Change of Command

2018Oct 20 Navy Ball, USS Detroit crew visit

2018Nov 11 Navy League Board Meeting, Alexandria, VA

2018Nov 11 Veterans Day

2018Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day

2017Feb 2-5 Shipmasters (ISMA) Conference, Alpena, MI

2017Mar 4 ISMA Lodge #2 Dinner Dance

2017Apr 23 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

2017May 19-20 NLUS Great Lakes Region Mtg, RTC Great Lakes

2017Jun 03 Tourist in Your Own Town

2017Jun 10-11 Art on the River

2017Jul 17-22 Blue Water Fest 2017

2017Jul 22 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

2017Aug 19-20 Selfridge ANGB Air Show, Thunderbirds

2017Sep 2-4 Thunder Over Michigan Air Show Blue Angels

2016Oct 22 USS Detroit LCS 7 Commissioning

2016Aug 13 Powerboat Races

2016Jul 16 Port Huron to Mackinac Race

2016Jun 10-12 Art on the River

2016Jun 04 Tourist in Your Own Town, Port Huron

2016Apr 24 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

2015Dec 20 Grayfox Holiday Reception

2015Nov 25 USS Milwaukee LCS5 Port Visit - Detroit

2015Oct 03 Navy Ball

2015Aug 23-30 Navy Week

2015Jul 24-26 St Clair Riverfest Offshore Powerboat Race

2015Jul 18 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Yacht Race

2015Jun 13-14 Art on the River, Port Huron - NSCS Grayfox (TWR 825)

2015Jun 11 Grayfox Business After Five, Port Huron - NSCS Grayfox (TWR 825)

2015Jun 06 Port Huron Tourist In Your Own Town, Port Huron

2015Ap r26 Navy League Sunday, Mariners Church

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We completed long-range planning with our leadership and finance team.  This plan indicates that at $1 million, we are funded for the life of the ship.  Of course, this requires a special gift. You can be that connection.

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